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IPX and its partners are industry leaders when it comes to simplicity. With dozens of partner banks, there’s a home for every business. Companies in need of card processing capabilities need to look no further as IPX is suited for the job.
With an efficient system designed to save time and energy, IPX’s process can help any business fulfill their processing needs.
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Let IPX provide you with a wide range of Global Merchant Services including payment gateways, payment processing and banking partnerships, no matter the size of your business.

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Give our customers around the world the online experience they expect.


Today’s consumers expect to shop for your products or services online, and any business unable to offer secure, convenient online sh0pping is missing out on significant sales revenue.


& Retail

Seamless integration with your POS equipment.

& Retail

We work closely with you to make sure your payment processing integrates seamlessly with your POS equipment, eliminating the need for multiple systems and wasted time.



Payment processing that works with your registration system.


The biggest issue with payment processing is the integration into your registration system. Our experts make the assimilation their focus, so that the event can be yours.



Reduce the hassle of handling paper checks.


Reduce hassle. With accounts-receivable conversion payment solutions from IPX, those check payments can be submitted with the speed and simplicity of electronic payments.


Technology / Security / Pricing

IPX allows you to save money, and gives you the security and technology to grow your business to any size at your own pace.


State of the Art Payment System
  • Custom Gateways
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Merchant Boarding Application
  • KYC/AML Tools
  • PCI/DSS Certifications/Compliance
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Fraud Prevention
  • Ethoca
  • Verifi
  • Count
  • Chargebacks 911
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Fraud Prevention
  • Free Quotes
  • Match or Beat
    Pricing Guarantees
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A successful campaign is a team effort.

Card not present transactions are a growing part of the e-commerce market and consist of different levels of risk. We have the background and experience to help e-retailers scale their business from inception to each level of growth.

We understand the strategy and work that goes into building a strong marketing campaign and sales funnel. We also understand the bank’s position on how to manage and mitigate risk for our clients so that we can keep your business growing.

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What Customers Are Saying

IPX is my first choice, period. They make doing business simple and easy. And that's what I need.

Eve C.Customer

We opened a new restaurant and IPX had us live and accepting payments within 48 hours.

Luay M.Pizza Shop Owner

IPX was easy to work with, integrated into our ticketing platforms, and is saving us money. What more can you ask for?

TR GEvent Production Owner

IPX provided me white-glove service and support while setting up our partnership. Integrations and launch were a breeze.

Adrian H.Partner


Online, On Time, and On the Go

To establish an e-commerce business, you need a website, internet merchant account, virtual shopping cart and a payment gateway. You provide the website, and we’ll provide the rest.

  • Ability to generate receipts, issue refunds directly to a customer’s card, capture previously authorized transactions and confirm transaction status
  • Batch processing
  • Multi-merchant/multi-user platform
  • Customizable reporting
  • Automatic and manual recurring payments
  • Email management
  • High risk accounts no problem.
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Retail, Restaurants, & Hospitality

Save time and save money at any level of business.

Restaurants require credit card processing solutions that address their unique needs. IPX offers point-of-sale (POS) payment card processing for restaurants that capitalizes on all the benefits of credit and debit card acceptance plus delivers industry-specific features. IPX Can board on both TYSY and FIRST DATA platform.

Equipped with a restaurant merchant account and a POS credit card payment system from IPX. you can take advantage of all the benefits of payment card processing, including improved cash flow, customer service and employee productivity. The right solution can help reduce negatives like long customer wait times, checks returned for insufficient funds and excessive billing costs.

  • Traditional POS countertop terminals (phone line or IP connectivity)
  • Internet credit card processing with our payment gateway
  • Wireless credit card processing for pay-at-the-table convenience and security
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Payment processing that works with your registration system online and offline.

Integrating event payment processing with online registration ensures all of your money will be handled securely and automatically. It’s easy to improve your financial processes because you can track every penny and not have to worry about the liability of dealing with the payments yourself. You’ll know exactly where your event’s finances stand and be able to break down different payment types and revenue channels.

  • IPX allows you to collect money in remote areas whether you’re online or offline
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Reliable, Secure, and Sustainable

At IPX, we’ve learned that happy residents make a happy town. That’s why we offer complete payment processing services for municipalities and government offices with 24-hour customer service, fair and up-front pricing and data security that continues to set the industry standard.

Our local government payment processing software makes it easy for you to accept payments online and for your residents to submit payments from anywhere.

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